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An Estate Gift That Continues to Provide Opportunities for the Next Generation

cooper family
From left: Eli ‘19, Jeanmarie ‘85, P’19, Ashley, Colin P’19

Giving to Bates has been a part of Jeanmarie (Hester) Cooper’s life ever since she graduated in 1985. What started with $25 annual gifts as a young alumna has turned into a lifelong family commitment of time and resources in support of a common goal. In her words, “equality of opportunity is a founding principle of our country and is certainly a founding principle of Bates.”

In 2019, Jeanmarie and Colin Cooper’s son, Eli, graduated from Bates. The close-knit community that meant so much to Jeanmarie was equally important to Eli. They saw through two generations how Bates is turning its ideals into a reality weaving access for all, inclusivity, and a dedication to community engagement through every facet of life at Bates. As Colin said, “There is no shortage of challenges in the world and it’s places like Bates that prepare people to take on those challenges.” 

In 2021, they found another way to give to Bates – they documented a bequest intention, which allowed them to make a significant gift of support that will sustain their commitment well into the future. They made an estate gift to Bates so that the college can “continue to provide opportunities for the next generation. The need for conscientious, smart, hard-working people entering society doesn’t go away.”

To learn more, please contact us at 800-762-3145 or giftplanning@bates.edu. We look forward to working with you on a plan that benefits you and Bates students.